Proper Construction Techniques Prevent Future Repairs Expert tips from a professional construction contractor

Building a new residence or commercial facility canConstruction Repair Service Upland CA be a challenging task. One which if improperly done can result in the need to schedule a construction repair service. There are certain techniques which can help to prevent such a need. Here are some of these methods.


Masonry work should be uniform in all sections of the building to prevent future construction repair due to cracks. Also, the height difference between the individual sections should not exceed three feet. Masonry must be left to cure for a full week (7 days) and more to ensure stability.


Wet concrete pouring should be avoided in windy or hot weather. If such a task is unavoidable to prevent quick drying of the material use the following tips. Aggregates and water should be kept out of the direct sunlight. Trowel the surface of the poured material before initial setting to militate shrinkage cracks.


To prevent scheduling a construction repair service for damaged plaster use the following tips; when applying the material to concrete it should be done as soon as possible after removing the shuttering by roughing the surface by hacking. Also be sure to apply a neat cement slurry to improve the bonding between the plastering and the concrete.

To summarize: During the initial construction phase, you can help to prevent future repairs. Among the methods you should use is to avoid concrete pouring during windy and hot weather. Keep the masonry work uniform and level in all parts of the structure. And use cement slurry and hacking to ensure proper bonding when plastering. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional construction contractor. An example of one such professional is GAC Construction in Upland, CA.