More on Our Custom Home Construction

Do you want to start the construction of your dream home on the lot you’ve just purchased? If so, you will need a dependable home builder such as GAC Construction. When it comes to new construction projects, we can do it with remarkable quality. We have constructed custom homes in Upland, CA throughout the years. Here are the services you can expect to enjoy when you let us perform your custom home construction project:

Custom Home Construction1. Design

The first step towards home construction is design. We always make sure to work with you and your architect for your ideal home. For that, we will consider various things such as floor plans, local codes, building permits, and whatnot. These will let us know if your design is safe and follows the regulations of the area.

2. Landscaping

Part of designing your dream home is landscaping. Besides leveling the lot, we can also assist you in any landscaping ideas. Whether you want a beautiful garden or a wide outdoor yard, we can do it for you. Our team has the specific know-how and tools to come up with an ideal landscape design for your home.

3. Energy Conservation

Another thing we can do is to give expert solutions for energy conservation. We always provide you with your home’s electrical layout that follows energy-efficiency guidelines. Also, we can help you conserve energy in a variety of ways. These can come in the form of installing insulation and heating/cooling systems. By availing of our conservation plan, you can expect to save money on your energy bills.

4. Quality Materials and Equipment

When it comes to constructing your new home, you would not settle for less. Thus, we always use high-quality products proven and tested for reliability. We make sure to suggest the best materials suitable for your budget. Along with our expertise, our ability to collaborate ensures professional construction of your dream home.

When it comes to custom home construction, we at GAC Construction can do so with quality results. We build homes that are safe and energy-efficient while following design details. Thus, we have built a reputation in Upland, CA towards perfection and satisfaction. Start your new home construction with us by dialing (626) 225-9056.